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Half way

Friday again today. Lots of bitty things to do and most accomplished which is good. I even had the time to sort out the cupboard where the Christmas stuff is stored. I won't need any wrapping paper this year, I've already got tons!! There'll be few digital or voucher gifts from me whatever the government says, I need to use lots of it up. I also seem to have plenty of gift tags which is most unusual as I always run out. I must have been planning ahead last year.

This morning's treat was meeting Kathryn for coffee. The first place I tried was far too busy for comfort so I was able, before she arrived, to check out the place across the road which only has three well spaced out tables. One was free so I settled down with my book to wait for her. She's on nights this weekend, 9pm - 9. 30am plus handover at both ends. Normally she'd have been off on Thursday to prepare but that wasn't possible this time. So we met up in the morning so she could try to get some sleep this afternoon.
Coffee was good.... chatting and relaxing was good and we felt safe.... which was very good. I do feel blessed to have both of my daughters so close to me, I know many don't and at this time that must be even harder.

I walked home afterwards, we'd done well and missed the showers. When I got home I found a parcel waiting for me, a treat, a Rick Stein salt cod, a bit like a salt pig but fish shaped. Lovely, and a blip for the future.

I joined the funeral of a friend from church later on. She had recently moved to the south of England. The service was delightful but it was sad to see so few people there. Having said that, had she died in normal times I don't think I would have been able to attend so a benefit there.

I had a Cursillo planning meeting this afternoon which went well, planning for Edinburgh area. Tomorrow I have one for the UK committee, so a busy time. I had a couple of requests to make afterwards as a result, nice when people say yes!

Colin and I went out for a walk at around 5.30 which was when I spotted the moon. I love to see the moon in daylight and this looked like a perfect hemisphere. Rosemarie55 will be able to tell me whether it really is a complete half, but it's very close if not!

For dinner this evening I put together what I guess was a herdsman's pie, a bit like a shepherd's pie but using some of the stew I made this week very tasty.

This evening we watched recordings of Only Connect and the Susan Calman Secret Scotland programme. Lots of ideas for good places to visit when we can!

The proposed five stage Covid plan announced is no worse than I hoped, so that's good, hopefully we aren't going to need stage 4 and may be able to move back to 2 then 1 very soon. I like the idea that we are aiming for zero, too. The numbers in Edinburgh seem to be going down, albeit slowly, but the West seems to be having a harder time just now. Let's pray things ease there too.

Keep safe everybody, I liked the FM's instructions to stick together, and to show empathy, solidarity and love to each other. Just words yes, but spoken with sincerity and somehow they are better words and tone than come from #10.

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