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By Sallymair


Not too many hallowe'en decorations yet, it's still 10 days away after all, but this one caught my eye today.
I slept well last night and headed off to get my stitches out. Apparently there were seven. The nurses seemed happy with it all and have covered it again with steri strips which I have to remove next Thursday.
I popped into Sainsburys on the way home but other than that have done little. Ali got the news that their planning permission had been granted. Hopefully that will also simulate the work on the kitchen too. They would like a kitchen by the end of the year and who could blame them.
Made a big pot of bolognaise this afternoon and left it to step for 24 hours. I much prefer it a day after cooking. There should be enough to freeze too. We polished off an aromatic crispy duck for dinner, not as tasty as usual, but adequate.
Colin and I split the bridge session this evening and I handed over at half time in a very positive position.

Keep well everybody the weekly totals in Edinburgh are definitely on the way down according to the public health Scotland information. Hard times ahead though.

Steps today 6000

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