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It's Friday so the link to the National Galleries art quiz is at the bottom.

Our little tiny baby is now 8lbs 4oz, which means she's put on two and a half pounds in the four weeks since she was born. No longer such a tiny baby. We're all thrilled.
Today Colin and I went into East Lothian, firstly to Haddington where we had lunch in Falco - which felt a little busy. We then drove down to the coast to Cockenzie to pick up some fresh haddock and have a look in the craft shop of Cockenzie House - without buying anything today.
Today, as she told me was the last day of Isobel's first school holiday. Up until now, as her nursery was open 52 weeks, she always saw Eilidh have different activities during school holidays while nursery continued for her. She was looking forward to it and her mum and dad have each taken a couple of days off this week to spend time with them. Next week they have school holiday club on Monday, so that's a new experience for her too.
My blip today was taken in the car park for Gosford Bothy farm shop. My search makes me think the first is called a birch Knight, which i don't recognise the name of and I'm not sure what the small ones are, they may be slime mold. The top group in the lower picture have not come true to colour as they are actually a bright orange, I think the lower ones are the same fungus but not yet ripe.
We watched episode 2 of the new series of Guilt this evening, I think it clarifies the first episode a bit, but I'm still confused. Enjoying it, but confused!
Stay safe everyone, the countdown is on for our boosters

Here is the link for the art quiz, 9 for me again with some lucky guesses. How about you?

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