By amandoAlentejo

Superb Sunday

So good to be back in our beloved church community today, morning and evening. This is my co-Granny leading the singing part (she's one of my favourite singers), waiting for our minister (or team leader, as he likes to be called) to hand over. The music in our church really is top quality, gave me goosebumps at times. As Mike and I were on the front row, couldn't get the small orchestra in the photo with the lens I had.

Btw, everyone in the congregation had masks on at all times.

- superb lunch at a Japanese/French/English couple's home, with another Brazilian/Polish couple, and Deb and the kids; talked a lot about adjusting to new cultures
- coffee at Under Pressure with a good group, and seeing Elliott again, not to mention a delicious coffee
- that I don't have to sleep alone tonight, the guys are back from their weekend

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