Three weeks ago I was given my 'Flu vaccination but was told by the nurse that I was four days short of the required time (164 days instead of 168) to have the Covid Booster then. A few days later Mr Flum's appointment for his 'flu vaccination arrived, the timing therefore suitable for his booster to be given at the same time.

So I waited for my booster appointment but, as none came, phoned the helpline to find out if one was in the post, or to make an appointment but, despite the best efforts of the lovely man I was speaking to, none were available anywhere. However, he suggested going along with Mr Flum and asking if they could fit me in, in case there was a no-show.

So today I did, and the lovely receptionist gave a big smile, keyed in my particulars and said, there's your appointment. join the queue. And the lovely nurse Karen, after double-jabbing Mr Flum, duly gave me my booster.

Gracemount is not the most attractive area of town but the vaccination staff were the nicest, friendliest bunch one could hope to meet.

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