Further my skills

By H0tamer

And the construction works continue...

Today we spent some time (it was dry and sunny, just cold) on the "Spritzschutz" (splash guard). A kind of gravel gutter around the house, that should prevent the rain water spats back against the wall or windows.
We first removed all the pebbles and the border between the old one and the grass. We now placed a new border, of course again of granite.
At the bottom right we used the palisades vertically, because of the height difference between left/south and right/northeast. The rest of the palisades are horizontally, no need to make it a huge wall.
Tomorrow we will continue at the northeast side, the concrete will be dry enough. And then the pebbles can return and the surface of earth modelled properly.
D. is not praying, she is building a circle around our buddleia of little granite blocks. We didn't want the border to go through the buddleia (or even remove this beautiful plant).

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