By Ingleman

A Workman's Tools

Take this hammer, take it to the captain.
Take this hammer, take it to the captain. 
Take this hammer, good buddy, take it to the captain. 
Tell him I'm gone. Tell him I'm gone. 

The Railroad Worksong/ The Notting Hillbillies

One of the tracks from an album called Missing, presumed having a good time. 

One of my all time favourite albums. Never was the genius of Mark Knopfler more evident than this remarkable collection of songs. Just wonderful. 

Thank you for all the kind comments to yesterday's blip. Our daughter Ell was sadly involved in a very nasty accident. She is OK, had a day off to get her head together and sort out insurance etc. Your concern and sympathy are very much appreciated! 

No other news yet but I will include updates soon. 

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