By Kipsie

I love lichens

and this memorial bench is covered in them. It's in the natural burial ground next to the allotment site. Not exactly derelict though it's my blip for today. (back blip actually).
Indie and I walked across the heath in the mizzle, damp but very mild. I retraced my steps from yesterday & low & behold there was Indie's lead. I'd put it down on the fallen tree trunk when I was photographing the gorgeous fungi at the base. Duh!!! Delete new lead & collar from Mum's shopping list. Back to Mum's .. I asked if the central heating worked okay.  Then I noticed the main switch for the boiler was switched off. John who came to service the boiler & check the rads on Saturday morning had said NOT to turn this switch off. I asked Mum why she'd switched it off but she could'nt remember doing so. Quite concerning.
Back home, I dealt with the fresh pigs liver, trotters & hocks. I'm getting pretty good at pig butchery even if I say so myself. I'm going to make faggots with some of the hock meat so cut it into tiny pieces, having no mincer. Portioned up the liver, popped that in the freezer. Marked a bag for faggots along with the frozen heart John arrived home with last evening. Lunch, then hubby headed off to watch football in the local, & I headed to the allotment with the vegetable peelings for the composter plus bread & seed for Bobby robin.The drizzle had disappeared, the skies brightened, sun was  warm. A quick visit to the plot then over the gate into the churchyard to snap this bench.
Back to make a roast for dinner. I roasted the pigs trotters, & bones from the hocks that I'd boned & rolled to make stock.
After dinner I put a picture of a Money/Jade plant on the local Spotted FB page. Jean decided she did'nt want houseplants indoors so did I want it, no I did'nt BUT I'll put it on the local FB page. It was snapped up within 5 minutes of adding it to the site.

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