Life in Burradoo, NSW

By MountGrace

BABE territory

BABE was a hugely successful and wonderful film made in 1995.  It was an adaptation of Dick King Smith's 1983 novel, 'The Sheep-Pig',  which tells the story of a farm pig who wants to do the work of a sheepdog. The main animal characters were played by both real animals and animatronic  puppets. It was fantastic.

BABE was shot in the beautiful valleys near Robertson in New South Wales, about a 25 minute drive from our home. The scenery in the film was gorgeous.

Today we had our first outing in several months. We wanted to go to our favourite beach and have take-away lunch from our favourite fish and chips shop. Because we are still not permitted to enter some of the local-government areas near us we had to take a longer route which took us through one of the valleys near Robertson. We stopped to photograph this lovely scene.

Today held a great sadness for us. Our favourite fish and chip shop has gone!! We couldn't believe it. We drove back into Gerrigong, the nearest village, for plan B - the local cafe who do pretty good fish and chips. Closed on Tuesdays!! We ended up buying take away fish and chips from a somewhat pretentious cafe/bar with a great view. It was possibly the worst fish and chips we have ever paid for. Never mind, a walk along the beach watching huge waves crashing in made up for it.

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