Snap, crackle, and pop

By marking_time

Home is in sight

A dull day today but the furry contingent still needed to be walked. We went up the hill behind the campsite and chose to walk left on the footpath, where we have always turned right previously. It forms part of the network of the Pilgrim Way and this short stretch features the stations of the cross in tiled mosaic. I imagined one of them would be today's Blip but I honestly find them disturbing and depressing, if interesting, and I rather liked this view from the high point of our walk. The mosaics have been Blipped previously, I think, on my other account.

Germany on this side of the unseen Rriver (I have another shot that shows both waterways from a different vantage point) and France on the other, so the canal wends it's way through France.

We shall be crossing the border tomorrow and be home in France for lunch. Tonight we dine heartily in Germany though and will probably shop at Rewe for some German specialities before we leave.

We are making our way to Tournus (via Beaume les Dames or somewhere nearby) for the final Posh Dinner of this trip, then we turn towards home and hearth. I am so looking forward to a long soak in a hot bath! Not to mention a simple and restrained dietary regime

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