Snap, crackle, and pop

By marking_time


This is bringing back memories...

We are in Jura, on the island between the river Doubs and the canal, where we first visited on our boating holiday three years ago. We tied up at the mooring in Ranchot and were very taken by the attractive campsite so noted it down for future use. This is now our third stay here with the van.

Ranchot? Were we not headed to Beaume les Dames? Why, indeed we were... and we arrived, did some shopping at SuperU so that the cat won't starve, then went round to the aire to find that no, we really didn't want to park there overnight! It's horrible.

Half an hour later we were in Ranchot.

Unfortunately this means that I neither went for my flu jab nor investigated the chocolaterie, a treat that I have been promising myself for the past three years.

Tournus tomorrow, and the final Posh Nosh of the trip. We may find a pharmacy there that can jab me.

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