By JohnW

Tiny Charger

Back on the new toy theme, and this time battery chargers.
Having bought a spare battery with the camera I needed a charger.  At over £40 the Sony charger did not get off the starting blocks so I looked on the interweb as you do.  Other than the Sony, and the Hannah Cube 2 (at £69) the selection seemed to vary between cheap and cheerful, and just cheap.  Nearly all included batteries.  If I had not already got a Hannah Cube (original) for the Canon I may well have gone down that route as the 2 seems to have interchangeable plates for most camera batteries.
In the end I plumped for one which seemed the most popular (not necessarily a good choice) which was a double charger and came with two batteries, all for less than half the price of the spare Sony battery that I had already bought!
So how do you depict a charger with the batteries charging back to back?  In the end ‘hello mirror’.  An odd arrangement but to makes the whole unit very small and light - genius.
So far so good.  It seemed to carry out its charging duties ok, and one of the new batteries is driving the camera at the moment.  Only time will tell.
Not a macro, but it is a closeup, and it is tiny, so thanks to KangaZu for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

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