By JohnW

Haircut Sir?

Or just a trim . . .?
Even semi-wilding needs a trim once a year or so.
WidWed challenge is ‘Single Subject (eg Tree/ barn/ )’ , and our flowering cherry which is making a great comeback is a single tree, so there you go.
Our ‘ornamental thistle’  (ok, possibly just a bull thistle) has a reprieve from the strimmer and should give us some colour next year.  Watch that space, and extra.
Also at extra is last night’s sunset - it just had to be snapped even after I had blipped.
Interesting budget  today.  I thought that Rishi Sunak gave a great performance.  Not sure about what he said though, but it sounded good.  I was pleased to see that about half the Tories were actually wearing masks, we just need to get the rest of the selfish b******* to get on line!  Labour were about 90% covered which is more than can be said for the ‘also rans’.  Considering the face covering is now mandatory for the House of Commons staff you would think that the MPs would grow up.
Many thanks to Steveng for hosting WidWed.

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