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You may recall, but probably not, that the last time Himself was in the attic over the bathroom, he encountered an angel!  Well he's been back in the attic - yes more sheep's' wool - and the angel needed a bit of tlc. It was like the Repair Shop! He glued him/her/it back together again and mixed up the right colour paint and now he/she/it will be returned to its rightful beam. It's quite a sinister little thing - Himself assures me it's based on Michelangelo's work, you can tell can't you. And note the crossword is complete- cryptic too.
A great concert last night - in a large church, candlelit, all carefully socially distanced , we had a pew to ourselves and numb bums after three hours. The three musicians were all maestros - the singer a purist with the voice of an angle (see what I did there), the guitar player just brilliant (take a listen) and Odhran in his sensible jersey was incredible on the fiddle and let rip on the uilleann pipes. Good stuff.
Today I've been catching up with myself a bit and nipped back down to the sweathouse when the sun wasn't shining, I've sent off some photos to Leitrim to see what they make of it.
Steve cooney

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