By monochrome

Giant Buttons

Spent most of the day in the loft, sorting things out and generally trying to tidy it up a bit so as to accommodate all the crap that is downstairs, but which will have to move to the loft in preparation for babystuff. One thing that I did get round to doing is throwing out all my old lecture notes from uni, which I haven't looked at in the five years since leaving uni, and that I'm not likely to look at any time soon. I've kept bits and pieces, such as assignments, essays etc, however I had boxes and boxes of notes which were just taking up space, and what's now left fits snuggly into one box along with some other stuff.
So, off to the paper-recycling they went, along with a host of random bits and pieces which have been amassed over the years. I tend to hang on to things, even though I have no need of them. It's refreshing to have a good clear out and get rid of a bunch of stuff.

I bought these Giant Buttons last night as a wee treat while shopping for ingredients for dinner (always a bad move shopping on an empty stomach), and man they're good! They've filled a void left by the seasonal departure of Mini Eggs, and seem somewhat more 'grown-up' than their traditional, smaller counterparts.

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