An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Organised chaos...

Backblipped 27.10.21

The noise level in the house is through the roof and it's fab!  

Faith constantly reminds us why she is known as the Foghorn (in the cutest way) and Lola and Lily spend the majority of the day play fighting then taking turns to lie down and snuggle into one another.  I am sure Lola will miss her when they go.

S, L and the girls thought about going to Blair Drummond Safari Park but the weather was so bad they figured most of the animals would be sheltering, so they abandoned that idea and L took the girls to the park and for a walk to the shop.  Sharon and I had a relaxing couple of hours drinking  coffee and chatting.

Dinner then an evening of games, chatting, tv and rock, paper, scissors.  David lost :-))

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