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By Damnonii

The Pumpkin Pickers...

After two days of horrible wind and rain, it was a relief to see some bright skies and even a glimpse of sunshine this morning as the girls had a time slot at Broadwood Farm to pick some pumpkins.

The poly tunnels are huge and there was a great selection of pumpkins.  Of course they picked large ones which cost £12 each.  Holy smoke!  Someone is making a huge profit.  Tesco is selling the same size for £1.50 each!  But I don't suppose having the Tesco delivery driver bring one's pumpkin is as much fun as getting knee deep in mud and picking your own.  What price happy memories eh?

Back from the pumpkin picking for coffee and cake.  I resisted the cake. My halo is shining :-)  S, L and D took the girls in the pool for a swim and I got on with my Tesco online order for delivery tomorrow morning.  Lola and Lily had a break from play fighting and Lily jumped onto my lap for a cuddle.  Lola was not impressed and went in a huff in the corner of the sofa.  At least she didn't try and get onto my lap as well!  :-))

Dinner then making plans for tomorrow.  Safari park for them, RPS workshop for me (in the morning) then a lie down in a dark room.  Well after the curry is in the slow cooker.  

COP 26, The United Nations Conference on climate change will take place in Glasgow starting on Sunday 31st October with around 190 world leaders attending in person or virtually over the course of 12 days. Road closures around Glasgow and restrictions of transport services have already begun.  

David walks Lola almost every day on Gleneagles moor.  He noticed the other day that a huge area at the hotel has been cordoned off and a load of charging points for electric cars have been installed.  

It turns out that many of the word leaders, including President Biden are supposedly staying at the Gleneagles Hotel for the course of the conference and will be transported to the conference venue in Glasgow, an hour away (why they have to be so far away from the conference venue is anyone's guess) by 50 top of the range electric Teslas (£100k each).  Slight problem...the Gleneagles Hotel only has one Tesla charging point so Malcolm Plant Hire have been contracted to supply generators to charge the cars overnight.  

There was a bit of an outcry as it was originally reported the generators ran on diesel but later reports say the generators will burn a type of vegetable oil called biodiesel which is fossil-free and chemically quite different from standard petroleum-based diesel fuel.  Well that's something I suppose, but again, I am not sure why they have to stay so far away from the conference venue but I am sure they've thought it through.  Haven't they? ;-)

Anyhoo, could be some photography opportunities in it for me.  Do you think Joe will pose for a blip? :-)

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