An ordinary life....

By Damnonii


Don't let that sweet little face fool you, she's a pocket rocket who lives life at a million miles an hour and 100 decibels!   DAVID! DAVID! DAVID! is her war cry.  She is keen to tell him everything she is doing and show him her latest drawing / toy / magazine.  It's so sweet :-)

I had an RPS online workshop with Celia Henderson this morning so by the time I made it downstairs S, L and the girls were just about to head out the door to go to Blair Drummond Safari Park.  Thankfully the weather was a bit better today so they were hopeful they wouldn't get soaked.

D and I had lunch and while David got unpacked from his golf week (yes it's the first chance he's had! :-) I prepared a chicken Korma in the slow cooker then took the chance to crochet some of Faith's daisy blanket that I'm making for her Christmas.  I need to crack on with it but can't do it while she's around as I don't want her to see it.

They returned just after 6pm having had a fab day,  The girls were keen to tell us all about it and show us their purchases, both of them talking at a million miles an hour.

We all enjoyed the chicken korma (I love that the girls eat what the adults do. No separate menu for them) and before the girl's bedtime they were both keen to entertain us.  

Anna sang two songs in Gaelic.  She has such a beautiful voice.  I didn't recognise the first one she sang but the second one I did - Westering Home - one of my favourite Scottish songs.  I had a tear in my eye.  

After much persuasion Faith also sang a song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.   It took a few false starts as she kept insisting we all close our eyes and stopping to check we were complying with her request.  Eventually I helped get her started and she was off.  To my utter surprise, she also has a sweet little voice.  I've only ever heard her sing at full pitch, which can make your ears bleed, but sitting on the stool singing shyly, her little voice was beautiful.  I foresee in a couple of years time she and Anna will be singing beautiful songs together in our native language.  

Anna ended the evening's entertainment by telling us a story.  I thought it would be a good idea to film her as she did so.  Twelve minutes later I was regretting pressing the record button!  Lol!  Her tale was rather rambling and was based around a little penguin who left home against his mother's wishes, and borrowed heavily from The three little pigs, Goldilocks, Billy Goat Gruff and her very fertile imagination.  We finally got the happily ever after after 14 minutes and 25 seconds!  

Can't believe it's their last full day tomorrow before they head home on Saturday.  The week has just disappeared.  Pumpkin carving tomorrow then I will try and get some decent photos of the girls in their halloween outfits.  Hoping we will be able to get outside for the photos.  

Lola and Lily continue to amuse each other.  Watching them play tug with a toy is hilarious.  Lily has also taken a shine to David and seeks him out all the time for cuddles and tummy rubs.  Lola is very tolerant of this but insists on his attention immediately after Lily.  He's definitely a child and dog whisperer!  Lola will miss Lily when she goes home.

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