An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Pale shelter...

Well that's Wednesday gone and no call back from the dentist :-(  Will chase tomorrow.  

Thankfully the tooth isn't causing me any problem other than inconvenience but I do worry that the rest of it and the filling will crumble, and then I will be in pain! 

I recently mentioned that I am hoping to buy as many of my Christmas gifts locally and this morning I took a  a big step in that direction.  

We have a beautiful gift shop in our little town and I said to David at the weekend that I would love half an hour in there on my own, to get the chance to look at the stock properly without worrying about other customers (the shop is small.)  Well this morning when I checked Facebook, there was a post from the owner of the shop saying she is opening late every Thursday in November and offering half hour appointments to anyone who would like to have the shop to themselves!  She must have heard me!  I rang straight away and have booked a slot next Thursday at 6.30pm.   Perfect!

Now I have the motivation to get my Christmas list out and start properly planning.  Really looking forward to it.  

An easy-oasy kind of day.  

Started a painting on Yupo paper, which is strange stuff.  It's basically plastic so the colours slosh about on it and don't mix in the usual way.  Also I used India Ink as my watercolour paint wasn't working on it.  I had fun and I look forward to experimenting with it some more, but I don't think it's something I will use on a frequent basis.  

Out for a few errands and home via the back roads to enjoy a bit of scenery.  Thankfully it was much drier than yesterday so didn't get soaked.  Everything smelt so fresh.  

And if I had discovered this tree in the summer I think I may have spent a lot of time photographing it.  That said, it was wearing last season's outfit then and blended with the crowd, so perhaps that's why I didn't notice it.   It's breathtaking now  :-)


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