An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Dank and Dreich!

I think today has been the dankest and dreichest day of the year so far.  

The kind of day when lights have been on in the house from not long after breakfast.  The kind of day that makes one want to stay home, with a cuppa and a good book, textured paper and new glitter pens, a YouTube crochet tutorial, Mary Berry's newest recipe book to salivate over, and a Golden Retriever to snuggle up with.  So that's what I did :-)

Poor David wasn't so lucky.  He had to go to St Andrews.  He was supposed to be playing golf there today but it was cancelled due to the weather but he still had to go for his dental appointment.  I didn't envy him the drive there or back.  I would have gone with  him if I thought there was a chance of getting any decent photographs but glancing out the window was enough to know that wasn't going to happen.

Clicked online early evening to find out the outcome of the latest Covid restrictions in Scotland.  Perth and Kinross is in Level 2.  Great news apart from the fact our family members and closest friends are all in Level 3 areas.  Cancel the turkey *rolls eyes*

That news paled to insignificance however, when I read that a body had been found in the search for the missing fell runner in Glen Lyon.  So very sad.  That poor family :-(


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