An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Pumpkin's going on...

Today was all about the pumpkin! 

L (fitness fanatic) headed out early for a 16 mile run.  The rain was torrential and he was absolutely soaked when he got back.  A quick shower and he was ready for his bacon rolls.  At least he knew he'd already worked off the calories :D

After lunch Anna and I got started on carving the pumpkins.  It was my job to cut the lid off them and Anna was going to clear out the insides.  That was harder work than it looked and fun for all of five minutes so we agreed I would do the insides and she would do the design on her pumpkin and use the little piercing tool to mark it out then I could cut it out for her.  

I have never carved a pumpkin before and I have to say it's a bit rank but great fun! lol  

Anna's pumpkin completed we put battery operated tea lights inside and stood back and admired our handy work.

Faith next.  She did well piercing the eyes with a little help but her attention was really on her tv programme so I did the cutting out and she put the tea lights in.  She was rather chuffed with it.  

Then it was time for my pumpkin.  What great fun I had!  I decided to give mine hair then Anna wanted hair on hers too.  Faith didn't want any hair carved into hers as she said hers was David...hahahahahahahaha!  I shall leave you to look at my blip and decide which pumpkin was David ;-))

Before dinner there was time for a final swim.  Much laughter and ganging up on poor S.  I stayed in the garden room with the dogs vying for my attention.  Lily jumps up on my knee and Lola either comes over and demands chin tickles or goes and lies on the sofa with her back to us, in the huff.  It's hilarious :-))

After dinner the girls wanted to put their halloween costumes on again and be photographed with the pumpkins.  The lighting was rubbish and I was too tired to make any more of an effort but they love the pics and that's the main thing.

The girls are now tucked up in bed ready for the long journey home tomorrow.  Since it's their last evening here we got extra goodnight cuddles at bedtime and Anna was allowed to stay up five minutes later turned into 15mins :-) to finish her game of rock/scissors/paper with David.  Not sure who won as they were both claiming victory rather loudly.

It's going to be a quiet house tomorrow evening and we are going to miss those bedtime cuddles.

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