An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

The last hurrah!

This week has gone by so fast. Well they do say time flies when you're enjoying yourself.

When Faith and Anna appeared David was wearing his mullet wig (bought many years ago for an 80's Hogmanay party) to give them a laugh and laugh they did!  :-))  Faith was very confused at first thinking D had grown a full head of hair overnight! 

We all gathered for our final breakfast together and Anna, Faith and I had our traditional play with snapchat filters.  What a giggle we had.  Poor L had the job of packing their car, which now included two large, stinky pumpkins.    

In a flurry of hugs, shouts of byeeeee and blown kisses, they were gone.  We closed the front door and came into the very quiet house. Tidied up the breakfast things then D took Lola for her walk and I went to the studio to have a play with some new brushes that arrived earlier this week.  I'm very happy with them.

I then spent a while with my feet up crocheting more daisy squares for Faith's blanket whilst listening to Duran's new album (straight in at no 3 on the album chart.  It's fantastic! :-))

Lola returned from her walk and has spent late afternoon and the rest of the evening either crashed out on the stool or the sofa.  She's been too tired to miss her wee pal yet.

S messaged to say they'd arrived home safe and sound, which I was happy to hear.  I suspect it will be next spring before we see them again as S won't risk driving from Skye in the winter.  Her cerebral palsy doesn't stop her from doing anything but I can totally understand her not wanting to drive over 400 miles with the girls in the car when there's a chance of snow falling.

Dinner was a much quieter affair than it has been of late, eaten whilst watching Strictly.  Then an episode of Outlander in our quest to be up to date before the new season begins in the new year.

Ten years ago this evening I held my mum's hand for the last time. Ten years!  Where has that time gone?  It has disappeared in the blink of an eye.  I sometimes wonder what she would make of all that's gone on in the world in that time, especially the past couple of years.  I think I can guess what her comment would be and  it would make me laugh.  Alan still misses her and wants us to talk about her often.  I am glad he does.  They had such a special bond.  Ten years and I still miss her so much.  If you still have your mum, cherish her and hug her often.  She is irreplaceable.

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