An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Hubble bubble...

It was a lovely feeling going to bed last night knowing the clocks were going back an hour. I also didn't set my alarm, deciding instead to let my body make up its mind about how much sleep it needed.  I woke up just after 7.30am (really 8.30am) feeling quite refreshed.

Strange to come down to a tidy kitchen and Lola asleep. I think she's missing her wee pal Lily as she's been wandering around a bit like a knotless thread!

Got a message from S saying Faith is convinced David and I are going to their house for a sleepover tonight.  Apparently we've to sleep on the sofa!  Not sure how Sharon will tackle the issue when we obviously don't turn up.

Spent most of the afternoon working on Faith's blanket.  I thought I had completed enough squares but when I counted I am 12 short.  Damn!  Not quite there then.  Need to get a move on.  My aching hands have been slowing me down.  Thankfully David bought me an electronic hand massager to ease the aches.  I'd seem them advertised but the ones that got the best reviews were quite pricey and I was afraid to commit.  I think D got fed up of me complaining about my hands and he ordered me one.  It arrived last week and I have to say, it is worth every penny!  Fifteen minutes on each hand daily for three days and I can feel the difference.  Plus the massage feels great when it's happening.  I am getting quite addicted to it!  

Struggling for a blip today.  It was dark so early!  Made a large pot of beef ragu after lunch and as it bubbled away on the Aga it reminded me of a witches cauldron so thought it would make an appropriate blip for halloween.

Hope everyone's had a safe but fun Halloween :-)

PS The grunge effect on the photo makes my Aga and kitchen look filthy!!!  It's not like that really :D 

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