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Evening in the Village

I've been keen to get a late afternoon drone shot of the church.  I can't fly very close as there are houses adjacent to the church and I want to keep annoyance to the minimum so this is a cropped shot.

The church is at the end of the current village but it plays a central part in village life.  Not everyone goes to church or worships Jesus, but the community spirit is admirable.  Mrs B and I attend Mass in a Catholic church in the nearby town of Beaminster, but we have volunteered to help with unlocking and locking the church.  I have a feeling that I have been roped into grass-cutting duties as well . . .

The house right next to the church is the old rectory, a delightful looking house, while the current vicar's house is a 1970s affair about 50m further away to the left.  Beyond the church is a small lane which winds into the little valley and which could easily be the setting for a Cider with Rosie film.

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