Bank Holiday today, so I'm at home! I am however on-call so I can't stray far. This morning I was fiddling with the networking, my laptop won't connect to some of the switches I have but is happy with others - it turns out there are problems with the driver failing to auto-negotiate speeds on some switches. I downloaded and compiled a new driver and it now connects automatically, alas at a lower speed than it should but at least it connects..!

It's not raining or snowing here so I went into the garden in the afternoon to see if there was anything to blip. Not much is growing, even the weeds seem to have been put off by the recent weather. In the end I settled on this lungwort flower by the front door.

Once the blip was done I brought the laundry in off the line - it was blowing all over the place and falling off... When I took it inside I noticed that the radiator valve had catastrophically failed which explained why the spare room (where the laundry goes before ironing) has been so hot recently. Another trip to Screw-Fix is in the offing... annoyingly it's cheaper to buy the whole valve than just the broken bit!

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