Busy day today. We went into Basingstoke to help the local Incredible Edible Group complete the community orchard in War Memorial Park. It was dry sunny and not so cold and all the fruit trees were planted.

After the orchard we went shopping, we had to get food for the weekend and part of a radiator valve to replace a broken one.

I took a few pictures at the orchard but to be honest there are not that exciting, what you can mostly see if wooden poles driven into the ground and large round patches of compost as mulch. The baby trees look more like twigs than trees at this stage and anyway you can't take that many pictures when you are working.

Today's blip is a more prosaic close-up shot of the bottom half of a Drayton RTV4 thermostatic radiator valve - it's even made in Great Britain! I know it's not that exciting for a 500th blip, but sometimes you can't be in the right place at the right time. Plus I like close-ups of household things...!

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