British Summer Time

last night I stayed up to watch The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo on Film4 and was rather late to rise this morning as a result. Also in the wee hours of this morning the clocks went from 12:59:59 to 2:00:00 springing forward an hour.

After breakfast it was ironing while watching the last episodes of Babylon 5. I've now managed to see all the episodes and in sequence, having missed a few of season 4 and all of season 5 when originally broadcast. I rather like SciFi but I'm not a fan of all TV SciFi just because it's SciFi - some of it is very bad...

While it was still dry I went out with a big tub of forest green fence coat and gave the shed and our fences a fresh coat of green. Assuming it stays dry I'll give them a second coat tomorrow. It won't stop them rotting and falling to nothing but it may help them to shed some water and last a little bit longer...

Ironing and green fence coat isn't very photogenic so I've not blipped them. There are a few flowers in the garden but I've already done daffs and the lungwort recently. There were no interesting insect they don't seem to be active yet, even the peacocks were noticeable by their absence today - though I could hear them all the time I was outside.

Today's blip is a Limit pocket watch my mother gave me. I've no idea when it was made but it must be a few years ago as they switched from Swiss to Japanese manufacture several years ago. Strangely enough it's a British brand being UK based but always with manufacture overseas.

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