Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

I NEED Chocolate…

What a soggy wet miserable day. Of course we didn’t go out, not even to the garden. 
By mid afternoon I was flagging and needed a boost. I have a really sweet tooth which is one reason why we don’t keep chocolate, biscuits, cakes etc in the house - I’d just eat them in no time as I’ve got no self control. But sometimes I just crave something sweet and today was one of those days. I forced my husband to go to the supermarket to get some cooking chocolate so I could make some brownies - squidgy, oozy, chocolatey brownies. They are lush and happily they could also be used as my blip as I had nothing else. Apart from the one we had for dessert, the rest are now in the freezer. They have a better chance of lasting more than a day or two if there….but not that big a chance :) 

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