By Colstro

Wind in the leaves

A busy start to the day preparing and packing for our short trip.  Then a drive through puddles, heavy rain and then sunshine.  I nipped out into the garden before it got dark (which, of course, happens an hour earlier today than it did yesterday - the end of "daylight saving".  I just wish I could have saved a bit of daylight).  There was one tree in full autumn colours which was being blown around in the strong winds.  I tried to capture the movement with a slower shutter speed.

Then it was off to drive to our accommodation for tonight.  My car's satnav failed to get us to the exact spot so we wandered in the dark through narrow country lanes until Google found the right place - probably only about 100 metres from where the car satnav delivered us, but on dark, unfamiliar, unnamed roads that might as well have been 100 miles.  It will be interesting to see the place in daylight.

Lack of time and a slow internet connection means that I cannot effectively comment on your blips until I get back home.

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