Somber Mood

The one and only Charlie, ECB (Emergency Charlie Blip!) :)

Busy day, then tonight I spoke at length to my Step Dad.

At last Mum is awake and tomorrow she will be going to Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for, among other things, radiotherapy - this is the first dose.

Seems my Step Dad has been struggling to cope for sometime, due to my Mum's illness (and stubbornness too).  He is hoping that there will be a space at a care home soon - apparently she has come to realise they can't go on like this.  (at last she's realised!  She is just so stubborn and won't accept help (I always thought she was too much of a proect manager) - we didn't know how hard it was for our Step Dad to cope until now).  She won't allow us to visit, or help. ...

He's been enjoying his time at home, between doing odd jobs and sorting things out.  He's had a day out with his children and even stayed overnight with his son and family, which is fabulous for him!

I do feel sorry that he didn't let us know before now...we could have arranged something between us.  (Now that I work from home, I like to think I could have arranged to go and work up there for a while)...

But after all they are soooo independent!

I am relieved she's awake at last though :)

Happy Monday folks :)

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