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A Bit Of A Qewe

These sheep live in the field behind our house and as I set out on my walk I stopped to talk to the farmer who had just been to deliver fresh hay and was having trouble with her little UTV buggy - it had got stuck in reverse gear and she was waiting for someone to come and recover/repair it! All these ewes are expecting - first lambs due mid-January. Someone had also phoned her to say that some of them were bleeding - you may notice the red rumps of some of them - that’s from the raddle dye !

As we were talking the sheep started marching in line up the side of the hill…so had to be blipped.

I also stopped to photograph a bit of the beck with some trapped leaves highlighted by the sunlight and also a glorious oak tree with lovely coloured leaves.

As you can see, the weather was much nicer today

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