A good day weather wise, and no roofers to be seen *large loud sigh*.
Any rate, it was a good day in other ways, this afternoon was our Monday afternoon photography group meet up.  I know....its Wednesday but for various reasons it was held today.
We met at my friends Clare's (one time blipper My3Sons) home....she had her husbands boxes of screws, nuts and bolts, along with other shapes plus packets and packets of staples (they make great high rises).  
What fun we had, this one is a high key look, there are other with a black background, others more distance.  I quite like this one where I have cut off some of the reflection.
More editing tomorrow.

Covid - 100 new cases, and the highest ever in hospital of 57.   Protests in various places, gangs riding/roaring through the city, Jacinda being heckled by freedom hopefuls, anti vaxes and the like.


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