Carolina's journal

By Carolina


My attempt at the challenge for Wide Wednesday calling for Spacious.   A busy day but we did get the grouting done and the floors cleaned up.  The last part is to seal the floors.     We are enjoying our time here with the kids.        I heard from my sister in law and she said my brother's kidneys are starting to work again and the Mersa in one of his heart valves has not grown in the last few days.  A praise indeed!    My brother had a stroke about a week ago but took him three days to go see the Dr.   He has done this before and I sure hope he learns not to do that again. 
     thanks for stopping by and will post the results for the MM challenge soon.   Thanks for everyone that participated and lots of ingenuity and a few borrowed families too!  
      Here are the results for the MM challenge of Mothers/Dau.  Fathers/Sons and any combination.   I do realize that some people don't have any family or are estranged so a borrowed family is fine.   I appreciate the ingenuity of blippers to come up with the goods no matter what!      Thanks so much for each entry and the time it took to get these pictures and post them. 
Most Alike    #1   Anniemay
                       and  runnerup ... bugsman   and Lsquare
Funniest       #2   Hanulli   (I have no idea who is who)
Father/Son   #3   SkiMe
Mother/Dau.  #4 loulou164
Borrowed      #5   PelorousJack
Mother/Son  #6  SandraSuisse
Generational  #7 dollydoug
                            and   Cor61
 I tried to mix it up between photos in the here and now and those of past ages.    So many great photos and thanks to each one of you!

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