Arizona Dreamin’

By laurie54

Better Late Than Never

Please excuse the condition of my sneakers.  They are the only pair of shoes I own and they have taken a beating. The laces were too long, too, so I recently cut them and made new aglets out of Scotch tape.

If my math is correct, it's been 1,036 days since this happened. A month ago, I went to a different orthopedic surgeon for a second opinion.  We tried a couple of things. Today, almost three years later, it was decided that I would have arthroscopic surgery on the ankle, maybe as soon as two weeks from today. It will depend on the results of next week's brain MRI.

I also saw the neurologist, this afternoon.  The original purpose of the visit was to try to figure out the cause of my balance problems over the years. In short, we still don't know.  Will try PT.
As far as the concussion and the length of my recovery from the intense headaches [Edit: sentence partially deleted] Also mentioned was the possibility of a bruised cerebellum. He will hold off being definitive until he sees the MRI.

Thanks to my fiend Claudette for driving me to both appointments.
That's it all in a nutshell.

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