Under wraps

Back in to the office again today - for an all-staff meeting.  On the way in, I spotted the church in Guildhall Yard wrapped in a giant picture of itself.

After the meeting in the morning, I led a tour around the Barbican for a load of my colleagues.  Never done anything like that before, but I really enjoyed it.  I surprised myself with how much I remembered and was able to share with them - lots of stuff I picked up when I went on the official architecture tour, but also other 'fun facts' I've picked up along the way - and how comfortable I felt doing it.  They seemed to enjoy it too, and a lot of people were surprised at the extent of the estate - it really is quite massive.  (And my favourite fun fact - around half of the City of London lives in the Barbican.  Isn't that crazy?)

The rest of the afternoon was a social catch-up - drinks and nibbles back in the afternoon.  Really enjoyable and so nice to get back to a bit of the old normal.  Totally knackered by this evening though!

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