Morning Sky

TT went off to work very early, and I was up and out early, though not quite as early as TT.  I was at my desk early as I knew I had a lot to do today.  BB got himself out to school while I was already on Teams calls.  It was a very busy day, and potentially stressful, but I felt in control.  Partly because I have roped a colleague in to work with me on a big piece of work – and he is so organised, very patient and very calm.
I even managed a lunchtime walk.  It was such a lovely day, it felt like a real treat to be out in the sunshine.  I finished my work day by completely the annual staff survey.
I popped out to the supermarket while BB was at rugby training, then came home and made tea.  Later I popped out to get my daily steps.  It already feels like winter, walking in the dark in the evenings.
There was a lovely sky this morning.

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