A lovely morning and a lovely sky when I went out for my pre-work walk. The new tier regime comes into effect today.  We are in tier 3, so no change for us.
TT was away to work today, so I had to make sure I was home in time to get BB ready and out to school on time.  That all went reasonably smoothly, then my day/week started.  I had back to back calls all morning and a few more in the afternoon, which meant I didn’t really catch up with my in box.   I did make sure I got out at lunchtime for half an hour to get some fresh air and time away from my desk.  My day then just disappeared into a haze of more meetings and then trying to catch up with some actual work.
After I logged off I was on a personal call when I suddenly realised that BB had football training, and also that TT hadn’t retuned home.  I had to cut my call short , get BB ready while wondering what on earth had happened to TT.  Then he appeared.  He had had a puncture –which meant he had to walk back to the car, rather than cycle.  Not ideal.  He took BB to football – fed only on toast and cheesecake.  I told him it was the food of athletes.  He did get properly fed when he returned.
I  headed out later to get some milk, leaning TT to pick BB up from football – and he forgot.  BB wasn’t best pleased.
All in all an overly busy day and evening..  The sun was just rising over the buildings when I was out this morning.

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