I had to drag myself out of bed and get out for a  pre-work walk early-ish as TT was off to work again.  He took his other bike today, as he hasn’t managed to fix yesterday’s puncture. I had yet another morning of meetings and a few more in the afternoon – which felt like a re-run of yesterday.  My in box is now out of control and I will need to sort that out later in the week.
Like yesterday I did make sure I got out at lunchtime as it was a lovely sunny day.
This evening we had another new experience – virtual parents evening.  What a revelation 0- it has to be the way to go,  it was so much better than the face to face seed dating we have had until now.  I hope everyone had the same positive experience we did.  That aside,  BB’s teachers were also very positive about him and his work, which was very reassuring to hear. Long may it continue. 
After tea I popped out for a  very quick walk before calling my dad.  He was reminiscing about his brother – whose funeral is on Thursday.
I love this tree, which was glowing in the early morning sunshine.

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