By rainie

A Walk in the Scenic Reserve

We hung around this morning to see if the roofers came (they had told Doug they may come just for the morning)....but no they didn't.  So off we went for our walk.  For a change, we drove into town, and walked around the Scenic Reserve, at any time of the year it is lovely, but spring and autumn are just stunning.  As can be seen by my blip the lime green colours are lovely, but I’ve warmed them up a bit. 
I've used the phone app to create this, 16 images, then I took a "straight" one as well.  I've blended the two in Photoshop brushing out the little branch at the front right to give some clarity.  And a texture added for good measure!!!

This afternoon, it was into the garden for a time.  Doug took over the dinner duties which was rather nice.

Covid - our highest number by a long way today, 206 with 200 in Auckland, 4 in Waikato and 2 in Northland. 73 in hospital, 7 in ICU.
So regardless of what the Government says, the situation is grim for those up north.


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