Meet Snowy

You can blame Robert10 for this

I scanned his Snowy QR code and now I have snow and Snowy in my living room.  I reckon kids would love it! You could perch Snowy on people’s shoulders like a Parrot!  I am easily pleased :)

I haven’t done much today. I am mostly clear if cold/flu symptoms now but am feeling whacked. So Ian and I did a miniwalk this morning until I ran out of puff. Then we headed home for a lazy day. 

We watched the footie (aaaah, for ManU).   I binge watched Murder Island so I am all up to date now and am waiting for the next episode. I am now watching Poirot and planning what else to watch for the evening. 

I am crocheting along to combat the couchpotatoitis a bit.  I have a sparkly shawl on the go in a lovely shade called underwater rainbow.  It is working up so quickly after the slow pace of the Mosaic blanket.

My Fitbit is playing up a bit - keeps insisting it is out of battery when it isn’t. A reset sorts it but I am fed up of constantly doing that. I will have to try and nurse it through the next few weeks and then pop it on my Christmas list.  I have had it a fair few years so I guess I have had my money’s worth.  And at least Ian has an old one I can use if this one decides to give up the ghost before I get a new one sorted.

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