Fee: Several Dandelions

Another day, another list!  I've managed to tick several things off today which included ordering a new phone as my Fairphone 2 is well out of date now and so will be returned to France for recycling when FP4 arrives!

The big job of the day was mowing the mini meadow.  Hopefully lots of seeds will have shed and we will see what comes back up next Spring.

Friend Angela suggested a walk this afternoon so we took a turn of the moor, something we haven't done in a while.  We met a dog walker calling for two lost pooches in the wood.  She had been out in the area for four hours.  Thankfully local social media has been updating sightings of them and they have now turned up and been returned to their owner.  I wonder if the dog walker will be walking them tomorrow......

So what to blip?  I tempted Shep with several dandelions but she was too quick with the nibbling for me to capture her.  I brought out the big guns, a chunk of broccoli stem and, blow me if she didn't pick it up and dive into her hutch with it!  She is a wily old lady.

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