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By Sallymair

The best in town!

I drove up from the Lake District today and apart from several extended stretches of invisible road repairs where I was restricted to 50mph the drive was straightforward as far as Moffat.
At Moffat I wandered around to stretch my legs and returned to the cafe o which was recommended to me last time I was there as having the best coffee in town. As well as this beautifully presented coffee I also had extremely tasty chicken and tarragon soup.
From Moffat I headed up the A701 to Edinburgh. It's a spectacular drive in the hills around the Devil's Beeftub with views over the hills in all directions. The land drops away dramatically to the side of the road into a deep hollow. Today though I drove through train and thick mist with no sign of any views or even the fact that the road dropped away.
It was good to get home again and to relax with our regular tv quiz night.
I took a lateral flow test when I got home which was negative, so I'm unlikely to have taken Covid with with me. Hopefully I haven't brought it north either.
Keep safe folks.

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