Keith B

By keibr

Rusty taking me out to see the sunrise

I am not a morning person. At this time of year I can enjoy seeing the sunrise anyway, because it's suitably late, but I still usually see it from the comfort of my home.
However, with Rusty staying, and needing a morning walk, I actually got to see the sunrise from the hill behind our house. (See the extra.)
That white stuff on the ground is a sort of mix of  snow and frost. A big freeze has started (just now it's minus 9°C) but it's probably not THE big freeze of this winter. The temperature is due to rise slowly through the night and the next ten days is mostly plus degrees, though nothing spectacular, maybe getting to 5°C.
Our plans for the day changed when a friend phoned to say he could come round with his chain-saw and cut some of our unwanted trees down. So that was the afternoon gone, but we now have more sky than we did before, and I have a lot of clearing up to do tomorrow.  I'm sure Rusty will help me move the branches!

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