By strawhouse

Work in Progress

Mr K got safely down to Devon last night. It was weird him not being here. The last time we spent the night apart was February 24th 2020 when Mr K went down to Cardiff to meet the insolvency practitioner!
I missed him last night but I must admit to not missing him one teeny little bit today!!! It’s been so long since I had the house to myself and I LOVED it. Sorry Mr K!!!
I did a little jig once the Little Misses had gone off to school and had a lovely day with music on full blast and a massive sort out of all the boxes and bags and piles of general crap which seem to be taking over the whole house. I got on really well. Still more to do of course but it was a good start.
Now I’m sat looking at my course. We’re studying an extract from the Ice Diaries this week which is amazing. The task is to write a piece introducing characters through dialogue.
It’s a bit hard so I’m watching Grand Designs and drinking hot chocolate.
Mr K and his dad have had a long day in Plymouth. It was funny looking to see where they were and remembering weekends spent in Plymouth with Dom. Garlic chips from Cap’n Jaspers. Yes please!!!!

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