By CleanSteve

The attraction of nasturtiums

I took Woodpeckers to her job at school today and soon after returning I spotted a heron flying up into the ash tree at the bottom of the garden, a not unusual event. I thought a blip might result, a rare opportunity these days. The crows and jackdaws in the tree didn't seem to happy and started flocking close by and squawking at the heron.

By the time I'd changed the lens to give me the necessary reach, I gently slide the patio door but that was enough to disturb the heron, and make it fly off up The Horns valley. 

Closer to lunchtime I returned from my shopping trip to the farm shop on the hilltops of Bisley as well as a trip to a budget supermarket for supplies of wine and cheese. I saw this bee flitting about the nasturtium flowers just outside the patio door and stepped outside just a couple of yards away and watched with great pleasure as this scene unfurled, possibly for the last time this year.

I've added an 'Extra' as it checked out an adjacent flower in a different pot.

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