Introducing Rio

First of all, a huge thank-you to all of you who have commented, starred and hearted lately, sorry I've not had enough time to respond, but I'm grateful!

Julia has had her heart set on a cat for a long time, but they appear to be rarer than gold dust at the moment, and about as expensive. Then, yesterday, she had a message from a colleague, saying there was one left in a litter on a farm on the Cheshire plain, about an hour away. We drove there, and it was love at first sight.

We are on kitten duty at the moment, as they're both out at their community group. Much like grandparent duty - lovely cuddles, but little responsibility.

- the perfect kitten at the perfect time, and for a great price, from a lovely place, so he's very calm and friendly
- stunning autumn trees lining the roads we drove on, plus bursts of sunshine; never quite know how to cope with so much beauty...
- going into central Manchester on the bus (better than in the car), and getting a few things we wanted, including some good trainers; the plantar fasciitis has been bothering me again

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