By BGCoffee

Productive Day While the Butterfly Basks

As per our normal routine, chatting with Leyna over morning coffee and reading the Guardian.  This followed by some work for BG, I did payroll yesterday and today more accounting and sorting out unemployment taxes.  Then managed to complete 2 chapters of Tess for the podcast and a visit from Daniel before a tasty Lemon Pepper Chicken in the Anova oven.  We spent the evening watching 'I Am Greta' the documentary about Greta Thunberg and her climate crisis campaign - very moving and challenging.  We discussed what things we might do to improve our own  response, and as I am sure most people realise, it is difficult to be radical and practical at the same time but we did identify a few things that we can add to the electric car and recycling, reusable plastics etc.  It is a serious challenge and I think the challenge as with many of these global issues is the fact that unless they directly affect us it is difficult to create passion in the community in general.  The same happened with Covid and it made Greta's passion and committment as a young person living comfortably in a first world country even more compelling.  What was particularly upsetting were the many appallling comments and personal insults she received from famous politicians and broadcasters not to mention the death threats.  Worth a watch if you get the chance.

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