By JohnW

Almost an EB

Today was a good day, for me if not for blipping.
The masochists amongst you that have followed my  blipping for some time may remember that back in February I fitted some bath taps with the intention of plumbing them in later . . .
Well today was part-way later, and all I have left is to make the final connections (which means draining the water system) so there may well be another gap in proceedings.  At my age I really have to be in the right mood, and feeling up to it.
I had taken a shot of the sky for WidWed, but all I got was a dull grey flat clouds photo, so when tomorrows anniversary pressy to ourselves turned up I thought “cue for a shot”.
This is where it all cam together.  I could not be fagged to clear down the table where the work-lamp was charging after this morning, so here is a shot of how it was (is).
Tomorrow is my burpday and our wedding anniversary which we are celebrating with a trip to the Kings Mill Hospital at Mansfield for Mrs W to have a ‘One Stop Shop’ at the shoulder clinic appointment.  Carry-out tomorrow evening I’m sure.
Photo group Zoom meeting tonight.

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