Today we celebrated our anniversary and my burpday with another visit to the Kings Mill hospital at Mansfield.  It was trying to take my last blip from there using my telephone that prompted me to go for my burpday pressie.  At that time with the sun on the screen of the telephone I gave in and got the EOS R out of the back of the car, but this time I felt that I should use my pressy, even though on a dull day like today I didn’t need the viewfinder!  Result at extra, G&T and take-out menu for tonight’s celebratory dinner as the blip.
Hating the part of the journey between Newark and Mansfield we tried an alternate route this time, only a potential extra five minutes on a ninety minute journey.  In spite of a nightmare of roundabouts around the A46 area the route was very much more favourable, so we retraced our steps for the return journey.  All was fine until TomTom found a shortcut just before the A6097.  By then it was dark, and the ‘ford’ warning signs were so close to the ford that I did not have time to slow right down.  If it had been our old Landi it would have been fun - in the Mokka terrifying!  As it was all was ok and the Mokka got an impromptu wash that it needed.  I don’t think there is any mud left under the wheel arches.  If it had been the Scenic it would have been a disaster as the air intake is so low.  If I had seen the road name I may have had an advanced clue - 'Beanford Lane' . . .

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