Boundary Dwellers

By Hell4Murph

Wedding flowers

My nephew and his partner got married 11 days ago and brought many of the flowers here the next day. Here are the last blooms, exotic imports to Europe from South America.

Appropriately colourful for the surprise, and surprisingly coincidental, visitors who turned up this afternoon. Two former lodgers, Masters students at Heriot Watt University in the mid-90s, arrived at the door within 5 minutes of each other. They were from different years and had never met. Masisi, from Botswana, is at COP26 this week; Dipo, from Nigeria now Birmingham, was site visiting a project in Fauldhouse. We found them in the old lodgers ledger, and they realised they had had the same room when they were here. A slightly mad 5 minutes ensued as they toured the house, taking photos to show their families.

This house, my parents and their year at HW hold a special place in both their memories and their hearts.

It was a short busy visit, with little time for proper conversation, but I did manage to ask Masisi how he viewed the draft protocol and he was, to me, surprisingly positive.

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